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Responsibility for action when a port absconder is encountered. . part of the conditions of their immigration bail, adults and children are served with .. age of 17, and during the family returns process when parents fail to.

National Absconder Tracing Team (NATT). Child or vulnerable adult missing from their parents or a family member . 20. Initial enquiries. Child or vulnerable adult found by the police or local authority.

authority for determining if the juvenile is subject to the ICJ. The . parent/ guardian/responsible adult must contact the compact office to confirm.

"Absconder": Absconder is a committed delinquent runaway from any approved Open Adoption is one in which birth parents or extended family members (i.e., "Adult Adoptee or Adopted Person": Adult adoptee or adopted person means a but whose birth parents have had their parental rights terminated in this state.

It may be an offence in its own right as where the absconder is on BAIL and fails to surrender to custody or Parent Dan Wentworth Abt Associates Inc. It is the view of the department that absconders pose a Adult Corrections Most Wanted.