How to Witness & Share Jesus - adult bible study lesson on witnessing


Lesson 5: Jesus Teaches us to Witness, Part 1 (John 4:1-42) | adult bible study lesson on witnessing

The Christian witness tells others what he or she knows about Jesus Christ and what As you draw, share Bible verses that explain how the separation took place. Also encourage this new Christian to find a Bible-teaching church in order to.

Lessons on How to Witness. Christian Witnessing Tools offers free downloadable training handbooks for both adults and children based on the Scripture of John.

LESSON 2: JESUS SHOWS HOW TO WITNESS Study this passage carefully to discover new approaches and techniques of . of the Bible in witnessing.

Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a Lesson 1: Defining Evangelism and Witnessing (Luke 24, Acts 1, 5 & 10) . When I was a very young adult, the Sabbath School would start with reports.

Expository study of Evangelism: Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well Also, next time I will draw some lessons from this story about the . Don't expect a completely mature response from a seeking person (4:15).