- adult cast care instruction


adult cast care instruction

Apr 13, 2018 If your child breaks a bone, a cast can help support and protect the injury as it heals. But a cast can't do its job without proper care. Find out.

Casts and splints support and protect injured bones and soft tissue. Casts and splints hold the bones in place while they heal. They also reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasm.

A cast is made of either plaster or fiberglass and is provided to help repair broken bones. Cast care is important for proper bone healing and infection prevention.

Aug 12, 2019 If you have questions or concerns about your cast, contact your healthcare provider. CAST CARE INSTRUCTIONS. ○Mild swelling of the.

Cast Care Instruction Sheet. The following information provides general guidelines only, and is not a substitute for your doctor's advice. Swelling. Rest and.