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EZ-IO® 25mm (40 kg and over) & EZ-IO® 15mm (3–39 kg) EZ-. IO® 45mm (40 kg and over with excessive tissue). For adults and pediatrics anytime in which.

IO needle insertion should be performed by a physician trained in the Note: there are adult size needles which are not suitable for children under 40 kg. Do not.

Indications for intra-osseous (IO) infusion are increasing in adults requiring administration of fluids and medications during initial resuscitation. IO infusion should be implemented in all critical situations when peripheral venous access is not easily obtainable. Indications for.

EZ-IO. INdIcATIONS fOR USE: For intraosseous access anytime in which AdUlTS. PEdIATRIcS. • Proximal humerus. • Proximal humerus. • Proximal tibia.

Results. Twenty-four patients were recruited. There were 35 intraosseous insertions, including 24 tibial and 11 humeral insertions. All EZ-IO™.