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Tibial torsion occurs when there is a twist in the lower leg bone (tibia). In adults, tibial torsion can lead to difficulty running and may be a risk factor for ankle.

Computer tomography (CT) scans were performed in 100 non-arthritic limbs of 50 Indian adults (42 males, eight females; age 26-40 years). Value of tibial torsion.

Excessive tibial torsion, a rotational deformity about the long axis of the tibia, Keywords: Crouch Gait, Tibial Torsion, Cerebral Palsy, Dynamics, Induced .. Society for Movement Analysis in Adults and Children; Barcelona.

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Methods: Retrospective review of a case series of eight adult patients who . Femoral and tibial torsion were assessed with the patient supine and both the hip .