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Female / Adult / Purple / 49KG. WIN. Heloiza Rocha. Won by Points0 - 2. LOSS. Thais Felipe. Lost by Submission. Placement 5. Earned 80 pts to ranking Female .

Name: Fabiana; Surname: Ciaffaroni; Nationality: Italy; Member Id number (MIN): 10010348; Current age group: Adult; Was member of: Federazione Italiana.

Man: Fabio Ruscio (10010347); Woman: Fabiana Ciaffaroni (10010348); Dancing Retired on: 28 April 2015; Current age group: Adult; Current status: Retired.

BLACK / Adult / Female / Open Class First - Fabiana Alves Borges - Gracie Barra Second - Gegi E Van de Walker - Cia Paulista USA.

Fabiana Zingone, University of Salerno, Medicine and Surgery NOT INFLUENCE BONE MASS DENSITY IN CELIAC ADULT PATIENTSmore.