- program planning adult education for older people


program planning adult education for older people

PLANNING EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS FOR OLDER ADULTS'. A compendium of addresses and resource documents taken t:om reports of three. Institutes on.

She is the author of Policy and Program Planning for Older Adults (Springer Publishing Co., 2008), If an 18-Year-Old Child Is Still in School.

The Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series | This how-to guide and to help in planning educational and training programs for adults in settings from the but actively involving older learners in programme development can assist in.

There are several theories on planning and programming adult education (5) An educational programme for adults or older adults is understood as a dynamic .

2.1 Decisions of individuals to participate in adult education 14 .. present when adult educators are engaged in programme planning. There are Contributive needs are those which assume that adults (especially older adults) have.