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So, where to next on the quest of looking and feeling sexy? At the risk of sounding sexist, I wondered, “Am I getting too much advice from other.

We slowly began to move with it, until a woman named Julie blurted, “I may be too old for the Top 40 station, but I love this song.” Everyone agreed with her.

These sexy starlets are over 40 years old, thus proving that age is just a number and . The 53-year-old actress has been in too many feature films to name.

Think your sex life is over after 40? Hardly. It isn't just good for your overall health, hitting the gym can give your libido a big boost, too. 4 / 13.

Look sexy over 40 with these 10 tips! Black eye makeup, goopy, messy lipstick and too much foundation can easily end up on his clothes and.