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Dopey Dicks is the 122nd short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1950 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges The comedians.

The Three Stooges S17E03 Dopey Dicks. Cice Bur2017. Three Stooges 122 Dopey Dicks (Colour). 15:59. Three Stooges 122 Dopey Dicks.

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A mad scientist plans to use one of the Stooges' heads to complete his mechanical man. IMDb Rating: DOPEY DICKS on IMDb 8.0/10. Featuring, Moe , Larry.

Directed by Edward Bernds. With Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard, Christine McIntyre. The stooges become detectives and go to the aid of girl in the .