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Bret Michaels's VH1 reality dating show Rock of Love was completely unforgettable and over the top. Heather Chadwell arguably made good use of her 15 minutes of fame after appearing on Season 1 of Rock of Love. Rock of Love Season 1's Lacey Conner, now known as Lacey Sculls, is the.

Rock Of Love .. Girls Gone Golfing. Instruction in golf is good at least it is for Bret! Check out this bonus scene from the golfing date! Bonus.

The Women of 'Rock of Love' Do Not Want a Do-Over With Bret . like, wild and crazy and loud and getting naked, pretty much is what made.

Sure, Poison frontman Bret Michaels never found a happily-ever-after on Rock of Love, but he and the ladies competing for his heart still had us.

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