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visitation privileges university lesbian

University of Albany, State University of New York. This article examines the custodial and visitation rights of gay and lesbian parents and the standards that .. liberal visitation privileges.41 In 1995, the Supreme Court of Virginia held that a.

COLAGE, a national network of people with a lesbian, bisexual, transgender including those designating who gets family visitation privileges.

University of Maryland Medical Center 2001). in 2008, a hospital visitation case something that has particular resonance for gay and lesbian elders. again, it is participating hospitals may not deny visitation privileges on the basis of race.

aIndiana University Lesbians and gays are more willing to extend formal rights formal rights, informal privileges, same-sex couples, modern prejudice, Visitation. Inheritance. Insurance. Benefits. Heterosexual Male Respondent.

Determining the rights and responsibilities of lesbian parents By MONICA K. MILLER, JD, PHD, University of Nevada--Reno, overcame this parallel, and granted K.M. visitation privileges because her intent was to create a.