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What kinds of striped bass are healthiest for you and the oceans? wild striped bass on the East Coast can contain elevated levels of mercury or PCBs. Please.

From anchovies to King mackerel, learn how often you can eat your Halibut; Sablefish; Striped bass; Rockfish; Tilefish (Atlantic Ocean); Mahi.

Data from 2001 to 2008 from Maine's striped bass and bluefish As striped bass and bluefish migrate up and down the East Coast mercury in them. Striped.

Mass. public may be unaware of striped bass contaminants high levels of mercury and PCBs, a likely carcinogen, that may be in striped bass.

BASS (SALTWATER, BLACK, STRIPED, ROCKFISH) [3], 0.167, 0.094, 0.194, ND , 0.96, 101, FDA 1991-2010. MAHI MAHI, 0.178, 0.18, 0.103.