Sore Penis After Sex: 11 Causes, Other Symptoms, and Treatment - men get sore after sex


Sore penis: symptoms, causes and treatments men get sore after sex

A sore penis after sex isn't always a cause for concern. But if you're experiencing Get our weekly Men's Health email. To help you manage.

If you experience pain 'down there' after sex, you may need to have a It can affect the way a woman's body (or a man's) gets aroused and.

WHY DOES IT HURT AFTER SEX: Sometimes, a super-filmy, almost-perfect sex leaves you all euphoric but only to end with soreness later.

If you get pain during or after sex, your body may be trying to tell you something is wrong, so don't ignore it. Pain during sex can affect both men and women.

Find out the most common cause of post-sex discomfort, how to prevent soreness after sex, and when your pain calls for a gyno visit.