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17 "Sexy" Costumes For Guys That Will Make You Lose Your Faith In Halloween why men like sexy costumes

When we approached guys to see what they really want us to wear for Halloween this year "I'm honestly bored with the typical sexy' costume.

-A punny costume like “Freudian Slip” or “cereal killer” -the girl And keep dressing sexy for Halloween without apology. Guys like different.

Guys, we know you want to look hot this Halloween, so we found the best costume ideas for 2019 that are sexy, cool, and totally tantalizing.

While women's sexy costumes are typically decidedly sexy (tight with lots of exposed skin), these men's “sexy” costumes are simply suggestive.

You'll never guess what guys want to see their girls in this Halloween! I would naturally select Charles Darwin as a great sexy costume.