Teen Wanted to Auction His Pig to Help a Teacher – But These Four Bidders Had Better Plans - he pigs out teen


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Yet, standing in front of an expectant crowd, 15-year-old Waylon Klitzman was sweating. He self-consciously hoisted a sign with his hog's picture as an auctioneer shouted a gibbering flow of syllables only seasoned livestock bidders understand. The farm boy was not sentimental.

Greyson Knowles, 15, died before he could show his pigs at the Mayes uplifting: After teen's death, the pigs he raised bring out best in people.

A teen had a 265-pound gift for his teacher if he could overcome his stage fright enough to pull it off. He succeeded—and the gift really brought.

This teen was auctioning his pig to fight cancer. Rock County 4-H Fair late last month looked like something straight out of his nightmares: dozens of Besides, it would be over soon — he only had to sell the pig once, right?.

From tanning to baby oil rubdowns, how teenage pig groomers pamper “I start two or three months out from the show and work with the pigs.