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The general rule is that parenting time (visitation) is mandatory. schedules, below are some of the most common parenting time schedules in Minnesota. while teenagers might find this many transitions to be logistically burdensome. [ 12] If the proposed modification of parenting time would be so substantial as to be.

In practice, it would be the rare case where custody is modified contrary to the child's So it is very important with a teenage child to be sure of the child's.

Feb 21, 2017 Some parents want to modify custody labels due to a new reality: a new job Modification, however, can be a very difficult process in Minnesota as child is a teenager, but it will not be enough to guarantee a modification.

This article will explain how a child's preference affects custody in Minnesota. Teenagers are almost always mature enough to express a reasonable.

Minnesota child custody attorneys provide answers to frequently asked questions However, a substantial modification of parenting time which changes the.