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Welcome to the Vintage Martins website! If you want to buy vintage Martin Guitars for sale or sell my Martin guitar, just post listings or browse our free guitar.

Pre-war models to modern day marvels we always have a selection of Martin acoustics in stock. From D-18, D-28, 00 and OM styles and more available.

Martin Authentic & Vintage guitars are true to their history, while featuring the new Vintage Tone System to reproduce tones once reserved for only vintage.

Vintage Martin Dreadnought. I seek out strong examples of Pre-1970 Martin guitars from many sources. With their light build, Adirondack Spruce tops, and.

1952 CF Martin D 28 P.O.A.. 1934 C F Martin 000 18 (sold) 1934 C F Martin 000 18 Sold. 1939 C F Martin 00 18 £7,250.00. 1971 C F Martin D 18 £2,150.00.