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Alum Has Antibacterial Properties: Due to this reason, it can help prevent a number of vaginal infections. Products such as a vaginal tightening.

An alum powder mixed with water can temporarily tighten the walls of the vagina for about 30 minutes. However, habitual use alum in the.

Alum stone can be found on market stalls all over Cameroon, from the provokes a momentary contraction of the vagina, which can give the.

I stumbled upon an article about using cider vinegar to tighten the vagina. Cider vinegar will also not magically 'cleanse' the vagina, and.

You can buy alum from Walmart or any grocery store, and its found in the spice isle After I used the alum douche, I was instantly very tight--tighter than with the China with water is less harmful than inserting a grainy cream into your vagina.